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Nolan Richardson
Nolan Richardson

Mojo 2: Mia Download Ubuntu

Automatically download & install missing plugin:By declaring the missing plugin in the POM file build section for pluginManagement Maven will automatically retrieve the required plugin. In the POM file, add this code for the version of the plugin you require:

Mojo 2: Mia download ubuntu

Manually install missing plugin:I went to -resources-plugin/2.5 and downloaded maven-resources-plugin-2.5.jar and maven-resources-plugin-2.5.pom . Copied it directly into the maven repository into the correct folder ( /.m2/repository/org/apache/maven/plugins/maven-resources-plugin/2.5) and reran 'mvn compile'. This solved the problem.

I had the exact same problem and since I read somewhere that the error was caused by a cached file, I fixed it by deleting all the files under the .m2 repository folder. The next time I built the project I had to download all the dependencies again but it was worth it - 0 errors!!

I use a Certificate Authority in my JRE. This is important because this provides my authentication when downloading Maven resources. Even though my project was pointing to the appropriate JRE inside of Eclipse - Eclipse was running using a different JRE (this is apparent looking at the Java process properties in Windows task manager). My solution was to add the following in my eclipse.iniand explicitly define the JRE I want to use.

Below is what I see after M2E plugin automatically download the maven-resources-plugin-2.6. Maybe this could give you some hint if you want to take the manual approach. The necessary files can be downloaded from here: -resources-plugin/2.6/ 350c69d7ab


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