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Aquamarine Hoshino (星 (ほし) 野 (の) 愛 (あ) 久 (く) 愛 (あ) 海 (まりん) , , Hoshino Akuamarin[Fn 1]?), or more commonly known by his stage name Aqua (アクア, Akua?), is the titular main protagonist of the Oshi no Ko manga series. Aqua was known as Gorou in his past life, a medical doctor who treated patients. He developed an obsession for idols (specifically for Ai Hoshino, an idol of the defunct idol group, B-Komachi) after encountering Sarina, one of his patients who held the same infatuation. He was reincarnated along with his twin sister Ruby Hoshino, also formerly known as Sarina, and is now the child of Ai Hoshino.

marin hoshin


Aqua has blonde hair and is relatively tall. He has blue Aquamarine eyes, which is what his mother named him after. He often changes his appearance due to his job as an actor. He is described as "handsome" and features a star in his right eye; symbolizing that he and his sister are one halves of their mother. When he was a child, he was often called cute by those around him.

Gorou was a 30 year old doctor and a huge fan of the idol Ai. He was his fan because of a 12 year old patient of his named Sarina used to adore her, before she eventually died. When Ai was pregnant, she came to Gorou's hospital to give birth to twins. Because he was in charge of her, he was murdered by an anonymous stalker and was reincarnated into Hoshino Aquamarine, the son of Ai.

At the age of 4, Aqua witnesses his mother getting stabbed by that same stalker after answering the door, who later committed suicide. However, Aquamarine thinks it's more than a simple "crazed stalker" situation and believes the stalker had been given information about her location by someone close to Ai, which he theorizes is their unknown father and swears to avenge his mother's death by killing him. Even in the future, this single event traumatized and transformed him into who he is today, so much so that he is seen preventing his sister from becoming an idol, afraid that the same events may reoccur. Although he did get a change of heart after Miyako Saitou, his parental figure, conversed with him about it. 041b061a72


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