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Quake 2 Data File Download

Note: This command can be used by both, the client and the server individually to prevent the automatic downloading of game files. Maps which are contained in .pak files will not be available for download because of copyright issues associated with the distribution of commercial addons.

Quake 2 Data File Download

List: baselines (random number) (value) - Set up the initial values for spawning the player on the map. begin (random number) - Spawn the player on the map. configstrings (random number) (value) - Set up the initial configuration for connecting the client to the server. disconnect - Disconnect the client from the server. download (filename) - *Disabled. Download a file from the server. drop (item) - Drop an item from the inventory. fov (value)- Set the field-of-vision. gameversion - Display the date version of the game. give (item)- Give an item to the player. god - Toggle God mode. help - Display the score screen. info - Display server information. invdrop - Drop the currently selected item in the inventory. inven - Display the inventory screen. invnext - Select the next item in the inventory. invprev - Select the previous item in the inventory. invuse - Use the currently selected item from the inventory. kill - Make the player commit suicide. nextdl - *Unknown. noclip - Toggle the ability of the player to walk though walls and objects. notarget - Toggle the ability of the monsters to detect the player. putaway - Putaway any menu screen or inventory window. say (message) - Send a message to all the players on the server. say_team (message) - Send a message to all the players on the server who are on your team. use - Use an item which is in the player's inventory. wave (type)- Make the player character display a hand gesture to other players on the server. weapnext - Switch to the next weapon in the player's inventory. weapprev - Switch to the previous weapon in the player's inventory.

Note: This command will display the files and directories of any directory on the hard disk. It is necessary to specify the location of the directory to be displayed using a relative path format. In a relative path the character . means current path, .. means parent path, and / or \ separates directories. It is also necessary to specify a filename mask which will determine what files are displayed. In a filemask the character ? substitutes for any single character, * substitutes for any number of characters. If the command is executed without parameters it will display the contents of the quake2/baseq2/ directory.

  • This section identifies all parties to whom due credit or thanks. All the people belowdeserve full recognition for the work that they did contributing to this document. If I byany chance missed a name please inform me so that I can put it in to give you due credit. You, The Reader I would also like to thank all the readers of this document because they are the ones who ensure that we, the authors, have the strength to go on and produce our works. How much would our work be worth if nobody would ever read it or look at it? Daniel "Prog" Rinehart I would like to thank Prog for his work on the Quake Console Commands document which was the first one of it's kind. Prog was the first pioneer who ventured into the depths of the console and dared to document it. id Software I would like to thank id Software for making Quake 2 and because of that game the creation of this document was possible. Their use of the console for a game was a wonderful idea which has created a whole new way to customize the game. PlanetQuake I would like to thank all of the people at PlanetQuake and the PlanetQuake staff who have given us great support for displaying our work on their site. They have the #1 Quake site in the whole community and we're proud to be a part of it. Mondain Thanks to Mondain for noting the definition of the public command. Monkey Thanks to Monkey for noting that grenades was missing from the list within the definition of the use command. Mr. C Thanks to Mr. C for his help with the link command. Mr. C showed me a demonstration of this command by changing the location of the game maps. Dan Koppel Thanks to Dan of Xatrix Entertainment for his explanation of gl_showtris. I was not able to get the correct result due to being unsupported in the 3Dfx version. Rune Hansen Thanks to Rune for noting the continuous console logging setting of logfile. Rune searched everywhere for a way that he could monitor his dedicated server remotely, and came across this setting. Leo Davidson Thanks to Leo for noting the missing Power Shield entry within the use command in the old document. Jeff Dubrule Thanks to Jeff for his help with the gl_clear command. NetDweller Thanks to NetDweller for all of his proofreading help in the old document. Not to mention his help with a good number of commands by introducing some of their definitions and helping me test the others. Gnomon Thanks to Gnomon for his help defining cl_looptrack, cl_loopcount, and setenv. Gnomon remembered that Brian Hook defined setenv in his .plan file near the beginning of the Quake 2 project. bOi Thanks to bOi for sending me a capture from Redwood's site about rate and netgraph (Therefore thanks go to Redwood as well). Though I have stumbled across this a few times before, I was reminded that I needed to add more detail to the two commands. Moize Thanks for finding the missing cells value for the give command. Arno Fortelny Thanks for finding out that the gamedir command was missing. Brian Tuggle Thanks for finding out the meaning of the sv command. Pierre-Yves Boulanger Thanks for the description of the cmd putaway command and for spelling error fixes. Steve "Rastaf" Taylor Thaks for find the missing cells item from the drop command. Chuck Schmidt Because of Chuck's problem with the play command and the sound/ directory prefix, I was reminded to mention this little thing in the document so that others won't have the same problem. final Final's reminded me that I forgot to include the gl_triplebuffer command. Jason Spears Jason saw the omission for the description of the port command.5. Version InformationDecember 3, 1998 Updated the document due to the Quake 2 v3.20 release.

  • Added the needpass variable.

  • Updated the logfile variable with new settings.

  • November 16, 1998 Added the gl_triplebuffer variable that was left out, thanks to final.

  • Added the description to the port command. Thanks to keen eyes of Jason Spears who saw the omission.

  • November 6, 1998 New legal terms for this document. It is now released under the Free Software Foundation's GNU General Public License Version 2.

  • Added a little note about the sound/ directory prefix for the play command thanks to Chuck Schmidt.

  • September 29, 1998 Updated the HTML markup in the document. This should be the last such update because I think I solved all of the previous problems with HTML and the correct display of this document.

  • Added my email address to the Abstract section. It was been removed long time ago because of too many emails, and I hope that this isn't the case this time.

  • Updated the HTML 4.0 deceleration to include the URI of the DTD, as stated in the standard.

  • Added the MIME Content-Type and Content-Language fields to explicitly set the character set encoding and language information.

  • Added HTML meta information to each document to include all necessary header information to help search engines.

  • Changed the Modified: field to Last Modified:, and Location: to Source: to avoid ambiguity.

  • Changed the formatting for the lists of commands and parameters from heading section based formatting into definition list formatting with each command or parameter being the definition term and the fields being the definition data. This is the proper way to display this information in HTML avoiding excessive H3 and BLOCKQUOTE tags which were not being used correctly in the previous versions of this document.

  • Changed the usage of bold and italic stylistic markup in order to facilitate better display of this document in browsers which do not support Cascading Style Sheets.

  • Updated the document because of Quake 2 v3.19 release.

  • Added commands: maxspectators, playerlist, spectator, spectator_password, sv_airaccelerate, sv_maplist.

  • Updated commands: password.

  • July 20, 1998 I have removed my email address from this document because I was getting unwanted emails. If you want to contact me, go to my web site.

  • July 16, 1998 Used a spellchecker on this document, after all that time.

  • Changed the internal HTML style for indentations and also to space out the fields for easier reading.

  • Added subsection 6.4. Trademarks in the 6. Legal section to take care of any trademark legalities.

  • Added a copyright notice to the Abstract section along with a short description about this document.

  • Added descriptions to commands: cmd putaway.

  • Added Pierre-Yves Boulanger to the Thanks list.

  • Added the cells item to the drop command, thanks to Steve "Rastaf" Taylor.

  • Added the description to the gl_ext_swapinterval command.

  • Fixed errors in commands: gl_particle_att_*,noudp.

  • Fixed the default value for the rate command.

  • Fixed the sv command listing.

  • Removed the Capture the Flag settings from the dmflags command.

  • July 3, 1998 Updated the document because of Quake 2 v3.17 release.

  • Added the commands: gl_texturealphamode, gl_texturesolidmode.

  • Modified the commands: allow_download_*, bind, gl_modulate, serverrecord.

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