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Air Crash Investigation S12e05 720p Film

Air Crash Investigation S12e05: A Thrilling and Informative Film on Aviation Disasters

Air Crash Investigation is a documentary series that investigates recent air disasters to uncover how and why they happened. The series combines dramatized reconstruction, interviews with aviation experts and eyewitnesses, and analysis of the official reports to reveal the causes and consequences of each crash.

Air Crash Investigation S12e05 720p Film

In season 12, episode 5, titled "Blind Landing", the series focuses on the crash of TANS Perú flight 204, a Boeing 737-200 that crashed near Pucallpa, Peru, on August 23, 2005. The flight was carrying 98 passengers and crew from Lima to Pucallpa, but encountered severe weather conditions during its approach to landing. The pilots decided to continue the descent despite the poor visibility and strong winds, but lost control of the aircraft and crashed into a marshy area, killing 40 people on board and injuring 58 others.

The film explores the factors that contributed to the crash, such as pilot error, overconfidence, lack of communication, and inadequate training. It also examines the role of the air traffic controller, who failed to warn the pilots about the weather conditions and did not provide them with accurate information. The film also shows the aftermath of the crash, including the rescue efforts, the investigation, and the legal actions taken by the survivors and relatives of the victims.

Air Crash Investigation S12e05 is a gripping and informative film that sheds light on one of the worst aviation disasters in Peru's history. The film provides a detailed and realistic account of the events leading up to and following the crash, as well as insights into the human factors that can affect aviation safety. The film is available to watch online in HD quality on Disney+ or IMDb.

The crash of TANS Perú flight 204 was one of the deadliest aviation accidents in Peru's history, and the fifth most serious in August 2005, a dark month for commercial aviation that also included the tragedies of Helios Airways flight 522 and West Caribbean flight 708. The crash raised questions about the safety standards and practices of TANS Perú, a state-owned airline that had been involved in several other accidents and incidents in the past.

The investigation of the crash was conducted by the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications, with the assistance of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and Boeing. The final report, released in July 2006, concluded that the probable cause of the accident was pilot error, as the crew failed to execute a missed approach when they encountered adverse weather conditions and lost visual contact with the runway. The report also cited several contributing factors, such as inadequate crew coordination, insufficient training, lack of weather information, and poor air traffic control service.

The survivors and relatives of the victims of the crash filed lawsuits against TANS Perú, Boeing, and Safair, seeking compensation for their losses and damages. Some of the cases were settled out of court, while others were dismissed by U.S. judges who ruled that Peru was the proper jurisdiction for the litigation. The crash also prompted TANS Perú to suspend its operations in 2006 and undergo a restructuring process to improve its safety and financial performance.

The film "Air Crash Investigation S12e05" is part of the 12th season of the Canadian documentary series "Air Crash Investigation", also known as "Mayday" or "Air Disasters". The series, which premiered in 2003, has produced over 200 episodes covering various aviation accidents and incidents from around the world. The series aims to educate the viewers about the causes and prevention of air crashes, as well as to honor the victims and survivors of these tragedies.

The film "Air Crash Investigation S12e05" is also known as "Lack of Vision" in some countries. The film features dramatized scenes of the flight and the crash, as well as interviews with some of the survivors, relatives, investigators, and experts. The film also uses computer-generated imagery (CGI) and animation to illustrate the technical aspects of the accident, such as the weather conditions, the flight path, and the aircraft performance. The film also shows footage of the crash site and the wreckage recovery.

The film "Air Crash Investigation S12e05" is a thrilling and informative film that reveals the human and technical factors that led to the crash of TANS Perú flight 204. The film also shows the challenges and difficulties faced by the investigators and the authorities in determining the cause and responsibility of the accident. The film also highlights the lessons learned and the recommendations made to improve aviation safety and prevent similar accidents in the future. d282676c82


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