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FS2004-VIRTUALCOL - LA AURORA MGGT version download

If you are looking for a realistic and detailed scenery of Guatemala City's main airport, La Aurora (MGGT), for your Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, you might want to check out the FS2004-VIRTUALCOL - LA AURORA MGGT version. This is a scenery add-on that features the airport and its surroundings with high resolution textures, custom buildings, static aircraft, vehicle animations, and more. Here are some of the features and benefits of downloading this scenery:

  • Realistic airport layout and buildings. The FS2004-VIRTUALCOL - LA AURORA MGGT version recreates the airport with accurate detail, based on Google Earth images and real photos. You will see the new concourse, the air force facilities, the hundreds of hangars, and the surrounding buildings that make up the airport complex. You will also see some derelict DC3 and DC6 aircraft that add to the realism of the scenery.

  • High resolution textures and mesh. The FS2004-VIRTUALCOL - LA AURORA MGGT version uses high resolution ground textures for the runways, taxiways, apron, and other areas. The textures are crisp and clear, and reflect the weather conditions and time of day. The scenery also includes a mesh for the entire area of Guatemala City, which enhances the terrain features and elevations.

  • Custom autogen and night lighting. The FS2004-VIRTUALCOL - LA AURORA MGGT version adds thousands of custom autogen objects to the surrounding photo scenery, such as trees, houses, buildings, and roads. These objects make the scenery more lively and immersive, and blend well with the airport environment. The scenery also has excellent night lighting effects, which illuminate the airport and the city skyline with realistic colors and brightness.

  • AI traffic compatible and frame rate friendly. The FS2004-VIRTUALCOL - LA AURORA MGGT version includes an AFCAD file for FS2004 and an AFX file for FSX, which make the scenery compatible with AI traffic. You will see other planes landing and taking off from La Aurora, as well as moving around the airport. The scenery is also optimized for performance, and does not cause significant impact on your frame rates.

The FS2004-VIRTUALCOL - LA AURORA MGGT version is available for download from [simMarket] for 9.00. You can also find more information and screenshots on their website. If you want to experience flying in Guatemala City with a realistic and detailed scenery, you should definitely give this add-on a try.



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