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Buy Callaway Golf Balls

Wholesale Callaway golf balls are nice promotional gifts that you can give away to anyone you like. These are fantastic items to offer to people who buy from your company, who have been loyal to your company, or to disperse these balls in the community. Each step on this list makes it easy for you to buy the right promotional materials, release them to customers, and save money.

buy callaway golf balls


The balls are made in the standard style, and you will get the Callaway logo on the ball itself. Wholesale Callaway golf balls are made in the most basic format. This is the ball that people use because they want to get the best distance and direction. You can give these balls away to anyone who loves golf, or you could give them away to customers in the store.

You can buy as many of these balls as you want, but it would smart for you to buy a bulk package. The bulk package that you buy comes with hundreds of golf balls. The balls could be put in a bucket that you will take to the local driving range of golf club. There are many people who will bring these balls to the course to give away to friends, or you might want to put them at the driving range where people will use these balls just to kill some time. There are people who will take these balls home, and there are others who will remember your company because they have used these balls in the past.

You could get to customize the golf balls for you. You could get these products stamped with your logo, or you could have them stamped with the name of your event. People who are giving away golf balls tend to put their most recent event on these balls because you want people to remember that you hold all these events. You might plan to stamp these balls with the names of your vendors or clients, and you could put initials on the balls so that your customers can pick one that matches their name.

The Callaway Truvis golf balls feature a unique visual pattern that helps golfers aim more accurately and improve their alignment. The Truvis pattern is available in both the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X models, which are designed to deliver a balance of distance and control. The Truvis pattern also makes the ball more visible in the air and on the ground, which can be particularly helpful for golfers with vision impairments. The Chrome Soft X Truvis is designed for professional and skilled players, while the Chrome Soft Truvis is geared towards mid-handicap players. They are known for their soft feel, control, and accuracy which makes them popular among golfers looking for a balance of distance and control.

With our wide selection of brands and models, you can find the perfect ball to fit your game without breaking the bank. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, our used golf balls are a smart choice for improving your game without sacrificing quality.

All of our used golf balls are cleaned and sanitized before being inspected and sorted. This ensures that you receive a product that looks and performs like new. Plus, with our competitive pricing, you can save money without sacrificing the quality you need to play your best game.

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Chrome Soft is better for everyone, from amateurs to major winners. Now with our proprietary new Precision Technology, the Chrome Soft Golf Ball is longer through the bag while providing the signature soft feel that golfers love, plus our major-winning Triple Track Technology.

The above is a very simplistic summary of some of the information provided on the Callaway website where you can go and see all the commercial, technical and complete specifications including colour options for all of their balls.

So, how do I decide which ball is right for me I hear you ask, and that is a really good question. Certainly, most of us who are not tour players or single-figure handicap golfers will probably play the middle to the lower-end price range of balls.

Using the same golf ball time after time, I believe, will lead to you knowing exactly what reaction you are going to get when you hit your driver, approach shots and chip shots around the green. Using a different ball each time you tee up is surely a hit-and-miss (forgive the pun) way to play.

In fact, I play a ball that is recommended for better golfers than me. The reason is that I am not a long hitter and the extra distance that so-called distance balls give me is probably not enough to make a massive difference to my game.

In conclusion, my advice to any golfer would be to take a look at the range of balls available and try them out, and not only the ones that are suggested for your ability. Once you have found the one that is right for you then stick to it. Until something better comes along of course.

Distance: We hit five shots with each ball and the average distances were essentially the same. His swing speed is between 100-105 MPH, so this is pretty much what I was expecting. The reason is that we already did a test to compare low vs high compression golf balls for distance.

Short game spin: All three of these balls have high amounts of short game spin (thanks to the urethane cover), which is what better players want. The X is supposed to spin the most, then the LS, and finally, the standard Chrome Soft.

Just an average golfer trying to take my game to the next level. Was shooting around 100 not that long ago but have now been in the 80s consistently. Best round to date was 12 over. Best 9 holes were 4 over.

Playing a low compression golf ball is crucial if you're a golfer with a slower swing speed. There are many different options to pick from, and in this post, we'll cover which are ideal for different...

When it comes to picking the right golf ball, part of the equation comes down to how soft or firm the ball feels. The other half of the equation is how soft or hard the compression rating is, and in...

The popular Callaway Truvis pattern is specifically designed to maximize your view of the golf ball for better focus and visibility. Premium dual-core construction promotes more distance off of your longer clubs, and more control off of mid-irons, short-irons and wedges., a Canadian based company that provides free personalization on a great selection of Titleist, Callaway, Nike, TaylorMade and Bridgestone Used Golf Balls all 50% to 80% below retail prices. Half Price Golf Balls was founded on the belief that golfers don't need to spend a lot of money on the one thing they lose while playing their favorite game, golf balls! We also provide free customization on golf tees and poker chips.

The company sells its products through golf retailers and sporting goods retailers, through mass merchants, directly online, and through its pre-owned and trade-in services. Callway markets its products in more than 70 countries worldwide. The company, based in Carlsbad, California, is the world's largest manufacturer of golf clubs.

In past years, Callaway marketed products under the "Toulon Design" and "Odyssey" putter brand's, acquired in 1997,[4] as well as "Top Flite", "Strata" and "Ben Hogan" brands picked up following the bankruptcy of Spalding's former golf division in 2003.[5]

Callaway Golf Company was founded by former Burlington Industries textile president, Ely Callaway Jr. Callaway was raised in LaGrange, Georgia, and was a graduate of Emory University. He had previously been successful in the textile and wine industries, and was also an avid golfer. Among his favorite club brands was Hickory Sticks USA, which was known for producing clubs with hickory shafts and steel cores. At that time, Hickory Sticks was owned by Richard Parente, Dick De La Cruz, and Tony Manzoni. When Hickory Sticks started running low on funds, they began seeking investors and approached Callaway, who had just sold his vineyards for a $9 million profit. In 1982, he bought half of Hickory Sticks USA and the company was renamed "Callaway Hickory Stick USA." In 1983, he became the company's president and moved its headquarters to Carlsbad, California where he could be found selling clubs out of his Cadillac. In 1984, Callaway bought the rest of the company for another $400,000. The company's name was changed to its present name in 1988.[6]

In 1996, Callaway announced development of a new golf ball, under the leadership of Chuck Yash, the former head of Taylormade Golf. Callaway Golf spent three years developing the ball and a state-of-the-art production facility. The company invested $170 million in research and development, and construction of the 225,000-square-foot (20,900 m2) production facility.

Callaway has maintained endorsement deals with many professional golfers who play on the world's leading tours, including Sam Burns, Emiliano Grillo, Francesco Molinari, Jon Rahm, Xander Schauffele and Henrik Stenson. They have also had commercial relationships with some of the legends of the sport including Arnold Palmer and Annika Sörenstam, and celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and Stephen Curry.[21] After being endorsed by Callaway late in his career, Seve Ballesteros expressed his gratitude to Ely Callaway by giving him a vintage Rolex, one he had worn since he first signed with the watchmaker.[22]

The Supersoft golf ball has stellar ratings on the Callaway store and has been an extremely popular best-seller for many years. Golfers love its length off the tee, performance around the greens, and affordability compared to other balls.

This ball delivers tons of distance on all shots, yet it still provides a good amount of spin and control around the greens. We love how it provides a similar level of performance to high-end balls at a much lower cost.

Another thing you can do is order a custom New VIVID golf ball, with over 30 colour options, two finishes, and the ability to add your own personalization message or logo. This is a good opportunity for those who want to showcase their personality on the course. 041b061a72


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