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[S5E8] Bound For Rescue 2021

Although Ahsoka saved the younglings from Hondo's pirates, she was captured in the process, and their ship was heavily damaged. After Obi-Wan's rescue mission is thwarted by a surprise attack from General Grievous, the younglings discover that their ship will explode if they don't land soon and let the engines cool off, so they're left with one option: go to Florrum and rescue Ahsoka.

[S5E8] Bound for Rescue

After some effort, the younglings on board the drifting Crucible manage to establish communication with the nearest available Republic fleet. Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi hails them and promises to send a rescue team to first pick up the stranded younglings, then go after Hondo Ohnaka and his pirate gang on Florrum to rescue their hostage Ahsoka. Determined to aid Ahsoka as soon as possible, Petro boldly announces that he and the others want to get to her first, but Obi-Wan vetoes this, for the sake of all their safety. But before he and his men can even start their rescue attempt, they suffer a surprise attack by a Separatist battle fleet led by General Grievous. When their ship is finally taken, Kenobi and Cody set its systems to self-destruct, forcing Grievous to retreat but ultimately leaving them unable to come to the aid of both Ahsoka and the younglings as they flee in escape pods.

June drops her apples, hugs the store owner, and runs home while The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" plays over the scene. June shares the good news with Luke and Moira, excitedly telling them the U.S. Is planning a raid, and Hannah's going to be rescued and returned to them.

With Ahsoka captured by Hondo, the younglings go to Florrum to rescue her, against the wishes of Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, before he can help the younglings, he is attacked by General Grievous and defeated, but nearly kills the droid general by setting the self-destruct on the Negotiator, after being defeated by Grievous in single-combat.

The episode opens with Rick chasing down the cop who tricked Sasha last week. When the cop, bound behind his back, won't stop Rick drives into him at speed. After a brief conversation, he shoots him in the forehead, muttering "Shut up." Rick has little patience these days, and no time for anyone potentially an enemy---though his humanity shines through by the end of the episode. Still, this is a Rick devoid of the moral conundrums he faced in the past. Violence is an answer, anyways, if not the only one, and Rick is unflinching in his use of it.

"Coda" is largely about the rescue of Beth. Glenn and Abraham and Maggie show up at the church after Michonne and Carl and Gabriel evacuate thanks to the unwitting priest's foibles. They inform Maggie that her sister is still alive and Maggie suddenly remembers she has a sister.

And so we find ourselves looking forward to Peaches and Amos heading to Winnipesaukee to relieve rich people of their fancy space yachts, and not just because Amos has secured a case of tequila for the trip. With only a couple of episodes left for The Expanse season 5, the reunion of the main cast and the comeuppance for Marco Inaros is bound to be wrapped up in some of the most adventurous action of the season.

Addy, Warren and 10K are still tracking the source of the brainy biscuits that keep the Talkers talking. How are these treats stopping them from going full Z, and why are they not being made any more? They reach Heartland. The plan is to talk to the locals and find out what's in those bizkits. But the Talkers aren't in the mood for a chat. They are hungry, and they are swarming. George and Doc pull up and rescue them and they all head to a farmhouse on the outskirts of town for refuge. A local resident, non Z or Talker, Charlie, shares where the grey matter has been coming from, his head.

Some time later, Unella brings Margaery to the High Sparrow. When Margaery correctly recognizes the High Sparrow paraphrasing his life from the Book of the Stranger, he expresses surprise, and Margaery explains that Unella frequently reads the Book at her. The High Sparrow chuckles and agrees that Unella has a habit of reading at people instead of to them.[5] Unella is present on the steps of the Great Sept as Margaery is about to do her walk of atonement, clearly with the intent of again ringing the bell. She remains silent throughout the Tyrell army's aborted rescue attempt and Tommen's announcement of a new alliance between the Faith and the Crown.[6]

Eventually, she does plan to kill him in Abendawe cave as a blood sacrifice to aid her travel back to her time. Jamie and Claire rescue him just in time. Ian lies bound and gagged, covered in accelerant and about to be set on fire.

Our last view of Young Ian Murray shows a joyful young man playing with his dog around the family he loves. This contrasts with the deadly rescue a few scenes before, and it leaves us with a sharp illustration of the dual complexity of Young Ian Murray. He is loving and warm, but also a verra fierce warrior. Young Ian remains loyal, always ready to protect his family at all costs, so much like Jamie Fraser.

The 30-second teaser for 9-1-1 Season 5 Episode 8 shows the explosion in the hospital and hints at the rapid urgency that is bound to occur in the next episode. This episode may even play a part in the bigger story, serving as an important mid-season dramatic peak.

While fleeing from people searching from him, Max fell into an open maintenance hole and was swept away into the sewer. Maggie and Andrew joined the search and rescue efforts and they followed Max's trail to another access point. As they were setting up to have Maya go down after him, Andy jumped in impulsively, but couldn't get a hold on Max, so he was swept away. This left them with one final chance, but the access point was too small for an adult to go down, so they had to lower a loop for Max to grab and wrap around himself. Max refused to trust his father as he knew his father had lied to him. Desperate, Evan got on the radio and told Max that his mom was dying and apologized for not telling him sooner. Max finally grabbed the loop and was lifted to safety. He and his father then went to the hospital to say goodbye to his mother.

A coffee processing plant in Seattle caught on fire. During the attempt to put out the fire, Captain Ted Conlin became trapped and gave an order that no one was to come in and rescue him. Fire Chief Lucas Ripley superseded his command and went in after him. He successfully rescued Conlin, but later passed out on the street outside a flower shop and was taken to the hospital. When he woke up, he insisted he needed to leave and go find Vic, who wasn't returning his phone calls after he failed to show up to meet her. Finally, while he was left unsupervised, he left without being discharged. Soon afterward, his test results came back, showing he'd been exposed to hydrofluoric acid. They attempted treatment, but it was ineffective and Vic came to the hospital and lay in bed with him while he died.

Desperate to have some fun despite the lockdown, a group of teens, including Kayden Lee and Frankie Morris, attended a party together. As they left the party, their car broke down. Billie thought it had overheated and got burned while attempting to remove the radiator cap. Vic treated their burn and then told the kids to wait for a tow truck. They were called back not long afterward for a fire. Kayden had tried to fix the car and got seriously burned when it blew up. The fire spread to surrounding foliage and the other teens had run off into the woods. They were able to find all three other teens and get them to safety. Frankie was the last one rescued and Conor said he had other health issues. When he was rescued, he had a branch impaling his abdomen.

Karissa and Shayne were newlyweds who had just been tested for COVID. On their way back home, they were in a car accident when the truck in front of them stopped abruptly, causing them to drive up the ramp and into the back of it. While the firefighters were working to extract them, Karissa started to panic and insisted they rescue her first, despite Shayne being more seriously injured, because she had loved ones who depended on her while Shayne had no one. She immediately apologized, but Shayne refused to speak to her as they were rescued, first Shayne and then Karissa, then taken to the hospital.

At the hospital, Shayne had surgery to treat his pelvic fracture and a hernia. He was told he would need some rehab, but would recover. Karissa had much more minor injuries and was told she'd just need to stay overnight for observation. Due to her comments as they were being rescued, Shayne asked for an annulment, saying the accident had provided clarity.

After both stations 19 and 23 were called out to attend to a gas main explosion, Vic was electrocuted by a severed power line while on the ladder. Dean quickly retrieved her and dropped her off at the triage tent managed by Ben and Travis. She soon stabilized and was carried to nearby aid car stuck in traffic due to the explosion. Dean returned to the site to assist the team with more evacuations and discovered that gas was building up in nearby houses. Unfortunately, Captain Pat Aquino had already opened a door, causing a second explosion, injuring several firefighters, including Aquino and Dean. Jack immediately found Dean, and he and Ben rushed Dean to another aid car bound for Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Pat was also transported to Grey Sloan. Unable to stabilize Dean despite extraordinary efforts from Ben and Jack, Dean died en route. Ben and Jack arrived at GSM's ambulance bay with no sirens which worried Miranda who thought the deceased firefighter might be Ben. Relieved to find Ben exit the aid car, she was saddened that Dean had died. Also treated at the scene was Aaliyah, who was pregnant. As the scene was near the station, Travis called Carina to come to the scene to treat her. Carina then went to Grey Sloan with Aaliyah so she could receive further treatment. 041b061a72


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