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Stalker Increase Carry Weight !FREE!

4th step - Start tweaking the "system.ltx" file.Alright, now we can begin changing stuff from the "system.ltx" file. It's found in the "gamedata\config" folder. Open it with notepad then press Ctrl + F to search a word. It's easier like that, rather than searching something for yourself in the whole document. Alright, after pressing ctrl + F, write in "max_weight" (again, without the quotations). If the game isn't modded, then the "50" value should be next to that line. Well, that's the value of how much can your character carry before starting to tire. You may change it to whatever number you like. Let's say we put 100. After that, just close the file and save the changes.

stalker increase carry weight

Now there are still two changes that must be done before being able to carry as many KGs as you want. First, just open the "actor.ltx" file that can be found in the "gamedata\config\creatures" folder with notepad. Then press Ctrl + F again and search for "max_item_mass" (without the quotations). Next to that line, the "50" value should be input, if your game isn't modded. Alright, now you probably noticed the max_weight's value and the max_item_mass' value are the SAME. So you should input the SAME value to them both, otherwise it won't work. So if we put 100 to the max_weight's value, then we put 100 to the max_item_mass' value as well.

After that, search for "max_walk_weight" (without the quotations). The value next to it should be "60" if your game isn't modded, and it indicates how many KGs your character may carry before he won't be able to walk anymore. As you may have seen, this value is HIGHER than the other two values. So you should change it to a higher value too. If we input 100 to the other two, then we must put...let's say 110 to this one. Of course, you may put even 200 if you like, it's just that the number must be higher than the other two. After that, just close the file and save the changes.

Hm. Yeah. However... soon after posting i was reminded that some of these "interresting" Russian mods are pretty hard to edit, as the devs seem to want you to play the mod their way.In Fotograf, post carryweight-edit, the guy will be staggering and panting instantly when attempting a sprint, so it will require further tweaking... Spent two hours last night looking into and testing the usual tweaks to no avail...

Im the same as before! with the game crashing. Solved it. It seems that the extracted files from db files are not from v 1.0006, what you actually have to do is not to download the gamedata folder as it might correspond to another version of the game and it will not work! You should manually extract system.tlx and actor.tlx manually from your gamedata.db files. Here is how to do it, also, the "mod example" used there is actually to change the carry weight! Just search on google for "sdk stalker your first modification"

However, despite the valuable advantage, it still possesses two major drawbacks. Firstly, if its user passes the maximum carrying weight (if carrying more than 70kg, in other words), it will immediately become immobilized (while in all other suits, one would still be able to at least walk if not passed further 10kg more of the maximum weight). Second and even larger disadvantage regarding this suit is the fact that its user will still become quickly tired while sprinting if already passes 50kg of the carried weight (same as in all other suits), despite the fact that this suit has capacity of 70kg. Tourist suit will not allow the player to sprint more than with other (regular), so carrying more than 50kg of weight and sprinting will again rapidly drain endurance - its user may be able to carry more, but will not be able to sprint for longer distances unless augmented by multiple powerful endurance artifacts. This means that the only possible way of carrying this suit with effect is to combine it with five electro artifacts on the belt, such as powerful Moonlight or at least Flash (since Sparkler is still too weak for such task). However, since both of these artifacts are still relatively easy to find or acquire - from stashes to locations (Flash can be sometimes found even in corpses of various Loners, Bandits, Freedomers, Duty members and even Ecologists), this suit can be easily used with effect and will have tremendous advantage in carrying equipment over all other suits (especially if carrying something large and heavy like RPG-7 and its OG-7V warheads or larger amount of heavy 9x39mm ammunition together with multiple VOG-25 grenades - which is particulary useful if using Groza automatic rifle with its integrated grenade launcher).

Tourist suit is featured exclusively in Shadow of Chernobyl since there is no chance of upgrading or modifying any equipment (from suits to weaponry) in that installament, as it is possible in the other two; Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat. In the other two games it is simply possible to upgrade maximum carrying capacity of almost any regular suit, which simultaneously eliminated any further need for featuring some special/unique suit with increased carrying capacity, like this one.

This Weight Addon works!When you are in Game, go to Settings, Gameplay, Gameplay Diff. and there you will find a Slider for the Weight.If you want to carry more weight, you can change the max weight value in the file ui_options.script, on row 305.Regards

How would I adjust it to my liking? I have done this numerous times with vanilla stalker. But Anomaly uses a strange system, specifically for the "max_walk_weight". It uses multiple lines... I am not familiar with this. How would I change it?

The inventory system remains unchanged. It is grid based, which means that different items will take up different amounts of space. The player is not able to carry huge amounts of ammo or items, which places additonal importance on scavenging items to survive. Each item has its own weight, from ammo to food, and the amount that can be carried is determined by the maximum carry weight. Once it reaches its maximum the player won't be able to sprint for long as his stamina decreases very quickly due to the weight of his or her inventory. When the weight of items carried reaches +10 of the maximum the player won't be able to move at all. However, there are several ways to increase maximum carrying weight or reduce the weight of equipment.

The improvements vary depending on the tools the technician uses, some improvements increase reliability, some improve handling, others accuracy, some the magazine size, and yet others decrease the weight of a weapon, bullet speed, flatness and recoil, all of these statistics of a weapon can be improved, as well as adding a place where a scope or grenade launcher may be attached to, it should be noted that improvements have no negative sides, only positive.

In-game there is the One of Ours achievement, it involves helping loners out whenever the player can do so. From hunting mutants to paying off a debt to rescuing a captured stalker. When this achievement is earned Beard will gladly give the player full prices for artifacts, and loners will become allies, though the trader Owl will increase his prices.

Building on the information obtained in considering historical and current clinical risk factors of both a general and stalking-specific nature, we then consider the future hazards that are likely to exist. As with other areas of behavior, the past risk factors and current clinical functioning with respect to risk contribute to an understanding of the factors that are likely to be of concern in the future, and the extent to which the factors are likely to be of concern. Again, this encompasses general and stalking-specific risk factors, though there is considerable overlap between the two, with the stalking-specific carrying more weight. They include:

People complain about the stamina, but it is fine, just do not carry an absurd amount of gear. And there are aluminum frames and backpacks available to help increase carry weight. With gameplay options when starting a new game, you can choose various perks and gear to start with. This allows a 60KG carry capacity right from the start. Just a pity I get so many crashes. Anyway, once all of the files for Pain of Misery are downloaded, select all of the zipfiles in Explorer and then extract all of them at once with Winrar to a new folder. Then run the executable to install. The installer has an English language option, so do not worry if you do not speak Russian. Once the game loads, you have the option when starting a new game to choose a faction you wish to play as. This is rather like the discontinued Call of Chernobyl mod. It has graphics that are outstanding by default, better looking than Dead Air. And although it might be in Russian only, it looks like it would be a lot of fun. 350c69d7ab


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