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Kate Bush .:. Hounds Of Love .:. 1997.rar !!TOP!!

In The Art Of Strange Music, the third album in the Hounds Of Love trilogy, the band went to Morocco and recorded this tune which was given the name Marrakesh. The track has elements of Jamaican reggae, and Bush looks back to 'the day of love and wine'. 6 Bush has said that she was inspired by a radio programme which probed the reasons behind a certain kind of relationship, with a woman who takes her lover to Marrakesh and later returns to say she couldnt wait to return. After a variety of questions, the woman realised that she had no real love for her partner.

Kate Bush .:. Hounds Of Love .:. 1997.rar

To me, this is the best of the Hounds of Love songs, because it creates a moody and haunting atmosphere which makes it stand out as an individual track. The lyrics of the song draw on the Biblical myth of Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit, but also reflect on the rise of terrorism and the bombings in the city. Following the events of September 11, the duo create a sense of paranoia and dread by constructing a ticking clock. It starts off with an acoustic guitar and harpsichord, which gradually becomes more elaborate. After a couple of false starts, the arrangement suddenly takes a turn into an even more sinister place, with a jangling, rhythmically dense drum beat.

Wouter Theobald is among the most notable mastering engineers in the world. His credits include Beyonce, Jay-Z, Whitney Houston, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, The Police, REM, The Cure, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, The Offspring, and many, many more. However, I reckon Wouter Theobald does not have an extensive list of Kate Bush releases to his name. In his client list Theobald does not, however, include Kate Bush. Theobald has a long history with The Beatles, but The Beatles have no listings for his mastering. Only Pete Townshend, The Cure, The Eagles, Nirvana, and a dozen other artists on Theobalds client list have no listings for his mastering. That, I suspect, is because Kate Bush is Theobalds favourite artist. Kate Bush has been a client of Theobalds for a long time.


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